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At LINK, we develop and apply quantitative network analysis techniques, using theory-driven investigations that rely on mining Big Data about interactions and behavior, online experiments and surveys, novel statistical modeling frameworks, crowdsourcing, and text analysis. Our work contributes to the fields of Computational Social Science, Network Science, Social Computing, and Computer-Mediated Communication.

Recent Work Spotlight

Cultural Analytics

Gender Differences in the Global Music Industry: Evidence from MusicBrainz and The Echo Nest

In this ICWSM 2020 paper, Yixue Wang explores gender differences in music production, and disparities between how male and female artists are represented in the industry.

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Science of Science

Diffusion of Scientific Articles across Online Platforms

How does social media influence the way that scientific discoveries are shared? Igor Zakhlebin models how scientific content is shared and disseminated across multiple digital media platforms in this ICWSM 2020 paper to analyze the underlying structures of information sharing.

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LINK is supported by a National Science Foundation CAREER Award(IIS-1943506), and a National Science Foundation CRII Award(IIS-1755873)